JASPERS held its Stakeholders Meeting on 9th and 10th November 2021, which for the first time, took place fully online. After having to postpone the event because of the pandemic – the last gathering took place in Sofia in June 2018 – it was time to take the digital leap.

The event was a great opportunity for Member States, the European Commission and the EIB to reconnect and share their experiences, needs and expectations. This is particularly important at the beginning of a new Multi-annual Financial Framework marked with the risk of having significant amounts of funding available and not enough high quality mature projects for regions to absorb these funds. Parties to the meeting widely recognised that JASPERS has a fundamental role to play in getting projects off the ground, that can turn the European Union’s ambitious climate, social and economic agendas into a tangible and just reality.

The event attracted close to 250 participants from 33 countries, with a majority coming from Member States collaborating with JASPERS, as well as Managing Authorities. It was opened by EIB Vice-President Lilyana Pavlova, DG REGIO’s Director General Marc Lemaître and Slovenian Minister for Development and Cohesion Policy Zvonko Černač, as well as PJ’s Director General Chris Hurst. It was jointly chaired by Werner Schmidt, Head of JASPERS and DG REGIO Director Emma Toledano Laredo.

You can download the presentations in the following links:

Session 1:  New challenges for 2021-2027 and future perspectives for the Member States, the European Commission and the European Investment Bank

Session 2: JASPERS support for successful delivery of projects – What is needed in advisory, capacity building and appraisal of projects in 2021-27

Session 3:

Break-out session 1: A Smarter, more Social Europe closer to its Citizens

Break-out session 2: A greener, low carbon Europe - circular economy, water, risk management and energy sectors

Break-out session 3: More Connected Europe

Break-out session 4: In transition between IPA II and IPA III – JASPERS activities in support of Pre-Accession Countries

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