Around 60 participants attended the webinar on Data management in transport organised in cooperation with DG REGIO and DG MOVE on 6 December 2021.


Target audience

Representatives from authorities dealing with transport infrastructure (road administrations, ministries of transport and similar), and Managing Authorities in Member States targeted our webinar.



Transport infrastructure constantly needs to adapt to the latest technological developments. To benefit from the potential that information technologies offer, they must be made an integral part of the processes of planning, design and management of transport infrastructure.

At the EU level, the application of information technologies in the transport sector is of major relevance for three of the five Cohesion Policy objectives for the 2021 – 2027 period, namely for:

  • “a more competitive and smarter Europe” – by optimising the transport services in accordance with the data collected regarding the infrastructure and its users;
  • “a greener, low‑carbon transitioning towards a net zero carbon economy” – by supporting the introduction of innovative technologies, the transition to transport modes with lower environmental impact and optimising the use of the transport infrastructure,
  • “a more connected Europe by enhancing mobility” – by lowering the financial and economic costs of mobility to the population.

The integration of data management technologies in the operation of transport infrastructure enhances the interaction between the road infrastructure, the vehicles and the users. It also plays a critical role in improving road safety (both by mapping the existing conditions and by proactively identifying risk conditions).

These technologies also support the transport authorities in strategic tasks such as planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure. Finally, including data management technologies in the tool-kits of the transport authorities and the push of the market may lead to the development of new services benefiting the public.


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