The first DG REGIO/JASPERS Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) forum meeting was held in Brussels on 30 september 2015 and focused on transport sectors.

The meeting was attended by around 100 participants from Member States' authorities, representatives of the European Commission and JASPERS partners.


Target audience

The CBA Forum meetings are meant to be held at expert/practitioner level, involving the participation of colleagues from Managing Authorities, Intermediate bodies, Beneficiaries, and other relevant bodies that are directly involved in drafting and providing guidance to project promoters and consultants, as well as in assessing projects and CBA documentation.



As announced during the CBA Guide Launch event on 2nd July in Brussels, DG REGIO – together with JASPERS – has decided to establish regular CBA forums under the Networking Platform for exchanging good practices and experiences in carrying out CBAs so as to support the improvement of stakeholders’ knowledge and the effective application of the methodology to specific investment projects.

The first CBA Forum meeting focused on the methodology presented in the CBA guide for the transport sectors.

The meeting started with a comprehensive overview provided by DG REGIO on the key aspects of EU transport policy in relation to the thematic concentrations and the regulatory requirements of the new Cohesion Policy for 2014-2020, and continued with a detailed presentation of the methodological framework for CBA in transport projects.

This introductory session was then followed by detailed presentations by JASPERS on good practices and concrete examples linked to specific topics and steps needed in the process of developing sound CBAs for transport projects.  The meeting was held in a very interactive and constructive atmosphere, with concrete questions, exchange of experiences and presentation of examples from various representatives from Members States. 

Closing the meeting, Members States were encouraged to send further questions on any specific point related to CBA methodologies for the transport sectors, if any, or propose key aspects and topics they would like to be discussed or addressed in possible future meetings, or under JASPERS  Networking Platform capacity building and knowledge sharing activities.

Examples and best practices on CBA transport sectors. Demand analysis

Examples and best practices on CBA transport sectors. Demand analysis in Hungary

Sustainable funding analysis

Qualitative and quantitative risk assessment

Climate change mitigation. GHG emissions calculations

Discussions on questions received, other issues and follow up activities/meetings


For any further enquiry on this webinar and in general on the activities of the JASPERS Knowledge Platform please write an email to jaspersnetwork@eib.org