The Common Provision Regulations calls for Managing Authorities to ensure the climate proofing of investments in infrastructure which have an expected lifespan of at least 5 years.  Climate proofing will be also required for investments to be financed by the InvestEU fund and for selected calls under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). It is a challenging topic and JASPERS supports several EU Member States in concretely implementing the climate proofing requirements at national and regional level and provides them with technical capacity building and advice.

JASPERS in cooperation with the DG REGIO organised the webinar “Climate proofing of infrastructure projects in 2021-27 – Sharing of experiences and good practices”.  


Target audience

The webinar was designed to promote the sharing of best practices and experiences among Managing Authorities, implementing bodies and line ministries dealing with the implementation of climate proofing requirements at national and regional level across EU Member States.



The webinar  included:

  • Panel discussion with representatives from Managing Authorities and relevant Ministries on the implementation of the climate proofing requirement, best practices and obstacles encountered.
  • Discussion session which gave all participants the chance to talk about the experience and challenges for implementing this important requirement.
  • Presentation of climate adaptation guidance and tools that JASPERS has prepared to facilitate the climate resilience assessment within the climate proofing exercise.
  • Open session that gave the chance to the participants to express the needs for further advisory support and capacity building related to climate proofing.


1.Welcome and introduction on JASPERS and available capacity building support

2. Opening remarks: climate proofing requirement in EU Policy 2021-2027

3. JASPERS support on implementation at National level and capacity building

4. Experience with climate proofing implementation and capacity building at National level

5. JASPERS sectoral adaptation guidance for climate resilience assessment

6. JASPERS tools for simplified climate resilience assessment for small projects

7. Discussion on further technical capacity building needs and tools forclimate proofing

8. Closing Remarks


For any further enquiry on this webinar and in general on the activities of the JASPERS Knowledge Platform please write an email to jaspersnetwork@eib.org