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Focus areas

Health, education and social services 

A healthy, well-educated workforce is essential for a country’s skills formation, ultimately driving societal development. 

However, ensuring universal access to quality healthcare, adaptable education and social protection is a major challenge.

JASPERS support in this area often encompasses:

  • Building, refurbishing, expanding and equipping educational facilities like schools and universities
  • Making the best use of state-of-the-art knowledge to promote innovation
  • Promoting resources and talent to build skills and reward excellence in teaching

The European Union’s competitiveness and cohesion depend on its ability to innovate.

Research is key to developing our economy and society, especially in industries that are competitive or where significant growth is needed.

JASPERS can help you:

  • Build or expand research facilities to promote innovation
  • Build science and technology parks and create other innovation infrastructure to support new industries and increase competitiveness
  • Promote innovative, green solutions and productive investment

Digital and information and communications technology (ICT), including broadband

Digital holds enormous potential — and enormous challenges, too. Digital transformation must be done in a way that narrows the digital divide, makes the internet safe and secure, and adresses the growing problems of digital energy consumption.

JASPERS can help you prepare projects to:

  •  Upgrade and extend broadband networks to increase connection speed, reach rural areas and promote social cohesion
  • Develop data centres and platforms to support digital services like e-Health, e-Government and e-Procurement