Stakeholders Meeting 2021

Event date: 09/11/2021

JASPERS held its Stakeholders Meeting on 9th & 10th November 2021, which for the first time, took place fully online. After having to postpone the event because of the pandemic – the last gathering took place in Sofia in June 2018 – it was time to take the digital leap.

Stakeholder Meeting 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria
Event date: 14/06/2018

On 14 – 15 June 2018 JASPERS held its tenth annual stakeholder meeting in Sofia.

More than a hundred representatives from JASPERS beneficiary countries and partners attended the event. JASPERS high added value in EU funded projects was stressed in the meeting’s opening remarks by Denitsa Nikolova, Bulgaria’s Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works and Anita Furerstenberg-Lucius, EIB Director of Operations for Central and South Eastern Europe Department as well as Erich Unterwurzacher, European Commission’s Director, DG REGIO.

Stakeholders Meeting 2017

Bratislava, Slovakia
Event date: 19/06/2017

JASPERS 9th Stakeholders Meeting took place in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 19-20th June 2017. The 115 participants from 17 beneficiaries constituted an engaging mix of people, working at local, regional and European levels.

Stakeholders Meeting 2016

Rome, Italy
Event date: 27/09/2016

JASPERS’ eighth Stakeholders meeting took place in Rome on 27-28 September, 2016. The event was attended by 120 representatives coming from 20 JASPERS beneficiary countries and by JASPERS' partners. 

JASPERS' 10th anniversary

Brussels, Belgium
Event date: 09/12/2015

JASPERS celebrated its tenth anniversary on 9th November in Brussels, in the presence of the early contributors to the initiative, JASPERS staff coming from Luxembourg and all regional offices and representatives of its stakeholders (EU Commission, EIB, EBRD and beneficiary Member States).

Stakeholders Meeting 2015

Brussels, Belgium
Event date: 10/11/2015

JASPERS’ seventh Stakeholders meeting took place in Brussels on 10 November, 2015. The event was attended by over one hundred representatives of the JASPERS beneficiary countries and by JASPERS' partners (EIB, European Commission via DG Regional and Urban Policy and EBRD). Stakeholders meetings provide JASPERS with useful input from Member States which helps to improve JASPERS’ service.

Stakeholders Meeting 2014

Athens, Greece
Event date: 11/12/2014

JASPERS’ sixth Stakeholders meeting took place in Athens on 11 December, 2014. The event was attended by over one hundred representatives of the JASPERS beneficiary countries and by JASPERS' partners (EIB, DG Regional Policy and EBRD). Representatives from Turkey, currently not a beneficiary country, also attended the meeting. Stakeholders Meetings are an opportunity for partners and beneficiary countries to discuss issues of mutual interest and to provide feedback to JASPERS.