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JASPERS has been active in Slovenia since 2006. Advisory assistance in Slovenia has covered a wide range of areas of expertise along JASPERS business lines: project preparation, capacity building and horizontal support.

JASPERS supported Slovenia with its National Transport Strategy, which provides the framework for the country’s multimodal transport system and covers investments, operations and the organisation of the transport system. The projects supported also addressed the modernisation, electrification and construction of railway lines, sections of motorway and bypasses.

With almost 27 000 km of river, flood protection and wastewater management is crucial in Slovenia. JASPERS has assisted with flood control measures for four different rivers (Drava, Savinja, Ljubljanica and Mura) as well as some of their tributaries. Thanks to JASPERS’ support, people living by the river are safer from rising water levels, river ecosystems are better preserved, and facilities and equipment are up to date. In terms of wastewater management, JASPERS operations have mainly addressed the collection and treatment of wastewater.

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