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JASPERS has been active in Slovakia for many years, with the first assignment initiated in 2006.

It has provided extensive support covering a range of sectors, with the main one traditionally being transport.

JASPERS’ main fields of activity vary from support for planning and programming, to capacity building in the Ministries, managing authorities and main beneficiaries, and assistance in the preparation of projects.

JASPERS is working with Slovakia on more than 90 projects in the transport sector. Some of these are nationwide projects, such as the National Transport Strategy and the National Road Safety Strategy. JASPERS also helped prepare major projects financed under the Slovakia Transport Facility (e.g. the upgrade of the Púchov–Žilina railway line by railway operator Železnice Slovenskej republiky and the modernisation of rolling stock by Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko). It also contributed to different regional transport plans and sustainable urban mobility plans that include projects financed directly or indirectly by the EIB, including in Bratislava and Košice.

JASPERS has been involved in around 20 Slovakian water projects, around half of which are worth more than €800 million and have received grant approval.

In addition to the above, Slovakia has significantly stepped up its demand for assistance in smart development and just transition, including overall city/region development and plans, and assistance in the Coal Regions in Transition initiative.

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