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Since 2006, Romania has been a key beneficiary of JASPERS project development support to resolve horizontal sector issues and strengthen the capacity of beneficiaries. 

In recent years, JASPERS has provided extensive support for hospital infrastructure and investments in the emergency health system, which are two of the areas highlighted in the national health strategy. The COVID-19 crisis reinforced this focus and JASPERS provided advisory support for the emergency acquisition of medical equipment and supplies.

We also supported the National Waste Management Plan and the National Waste Generation Prevention Plan. JASPERS is assisting the upgrade of the Romanian water supply and sewerage infrastructure, serving every region in the country with clean drinking water along with environmentally sustainable waste water collection and treatment.

JASPERS has worked closely on the reconstruction of the Radna–Simeria section of railway, which is the backbone of Romania’s west–east railway line. JASPERS is also actively supporting sustainable urban mobility plans in Romania’s eight largest urban areas. Users of the Bucharest metro, which serves more than 700 000 passengers a day, have seen their travel times cut thanks to four metro projects on lines M2, M4 and M5. Key transport infrastructure has been reinforced through two major motorway projects.

JASPERS has helped to upgrade the national disaster management systems including a national command and control centre, ambulances, multi-risk helicopters and other equipment designed to respond to a multitude of challenges the country may face.  

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